Tiffany's interest and skills made her the perfect candidate for Cosmetology

School when she entered as a teenager in the 11th grade. The thirst for knowledge made her an outstanding student that would eventually lead to significant contributions in the industry. Tiffany’s passion is in the restoration of sincere self confidence in women through natural flawless hair extension, health hair care and natural blow in the wind styling.

She has truly changed the lives of many by mastering over 300 hair extension techniques. Not to mention our very own Tl'Zani Signature hair extension techniques, such as:

* Dimension Hair Strands

* Bald Scalp Sew In

* Detachable Sew In

* Detachable Bond In

* Universal Sew In

* Tri- Part Sew In

* Quin-niqe Sew In

* Truly Braidless Sew In

* Star Stich Sew In

* Invisable Stich Technique

* Semi Invisable Part

* 360*Sew In Lay

* Invsable Hair the Tl'Zani Affect

* New Edge Method

* Protective Glue-Less Bang & Bun

Her exemplary work has been recognized and acknowledged by many leaders in the hair care industry. Here are a few of her accomplishments:​

  • Work Featured on BET, MTV, ProDominate Fashion Shows

  • Developed hair, product and styling tools line

  • Motivational Speaker, Business Entrepreneur Consulting

  • Stylist to many prestigious clients around the world

  • Master in over 100+ hair Extension install technique

  • International Hair Extension/ Non Surgical Hair PlacementTrainer

Tiffany is truly committed and dedicated to producing the best results in hair extensions. Tiffany's mission is to Empower, Invest in You and Build Sincere Self-Confidence which allows every woman to discover and own their inner beauty one head at a time.

“Tl'Zani is so excited to see you become a Tl'Zani Hair Artist!!!


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