Tl'Zani Angels Foundation

Tl’Zani Angels have been established since 1999. After realizing that a person’s lifestyle and confidence

Can be uplifted by a simple hairstyle and makeover, Tl’Zani Angels set out to help people restore their

Happiness and spirit one scalp at a time. Tl’Zani Angels have reached out tremendously to our

Community including, cancer patients, adopted children, schools, churches, non-profit organizations,

Battered women, nursing homes, elders and the public. Tl’Zani has even humbly connected with other

Business owners and hairstylists who share similar visions by teaching further education and business

Success classes. Tl’Zani Angels go above and beyond the cosmetology with the motivational speaking

And bringing entertainment to schools, hospitals, churches, and outreach programs.  Tl’Zani Angels are

Able to connect with many people who may or may not be able to travel or just want to be treated like

Royalty.  Building genuine relationships and witnessing the smiles of others is what makes Tl’Zani 

Angels go on as a world renowned organization.