Tl'Zani Dimension Hair Strand Extensions  Pro Certification Course



This class is in person- hands on plus exclusive gifts..


Lets go over whats included in this KIT:

  • ONE DIMENSION STRANDS HAIR EXTENSION INSTALL MACHINE- This course will give you detailed instructions on how to you use this fascinating time saving tool.

  • ONE DIMENSION STRANDS HAIR REMOVAL TOOL. This tool makes it easy to safely remove the Dimension hair extension strands

  • 200 GRAMS  OF TL'ZANI DIMENSION STRANDS PRACTICE HAIR. The 200 grams of hair are divided into 20 hand tied cartridges. Each cartridge holds a total of 5 grams of hair divided into ten zero point five gram strands. The small strands are what creates a virtually undetected hair extension install. The practice hair in your kit is 100% human Remy standard single drawn hair and can be used in the following matter:

    •  to  practice on a live client

    •  color process 

    • curl

    • shampoo

    •  blow dry 

    • thermal straightening

  • One Dimension Hair Strand Certificate of Completion

    Upon Completion

  • Access to top of the line euro standard wholesale hair and products. 

  • Support

  • Ability to apply for a 50/50 Tl'Zani Dimension Hair Strand Certification 

Our curriculum covers critical knowledge including:

  • Placement

  • Color matching

  • Returns

  • Proper maintenance

  • FAQs:

  • Dreading

  • Allergic reactions

  • Qualifying a client

  • Ordering process

  • Traveling with Dimension Hair Strand Extensions

  • MRI and head surgery 

  • 2k a day program

  • Cutting and blending and so much more

Tl'Zani provides the tools needed for an extremely lucrative outcome. Tools however are not enough to ensure a successful business. Tl'Zani  will guide you through extensive and detailed online training. You will have access to superior single, double and triple drawn Dimension Hair Strands.  Access to Tl'Zani Hair Artist support. This carefully designed curriculum was created and designed to give you the utmost confidence needed to make your dreams become a reality. Sign up below to receive your kit and gain access to our 50/50 Tl'Zani certification program.