Certification ONLINE Course



Package 2

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Dimension Hair Extensions Training Set kit is a revolutionary hair installation products,
which completely changes the way of hair installation, it is simple, safe and efficient.

Dimension Strand hair extensions system consists of the following items:
1. Install machine
2. Plastic comb (with 10 metal tube 1.5mm diameters on it)
3. Removal Plier
4. Dimension Strand Cuticle hair


Dimension Hair Strand  Extensions System features:
1. Do not use electricity Environmental friendly
2. 20 minutes installation for full head( 100 strands – 200 strands)
3. No tapes No glue No chemical No clips
4. Super easy to operate it
5. Invisible
6. Reusable
7. Fast remove
8. With Cuticle hair, the highest quality hair

Our On-line curriculum covers critical knowledge including:

  • Placement

  • Color matching

  • Returns

  • Proper maintenance

  • FAQs:

  • Dreading

  • Allergic reactions

  • Qualifying a client

  • Ordering process

  • Traveling with Dimension Hair Strand Extensions

  • MRI and head surgery 

  • 2k a day program

  • Cutting and blending