Frontal Wig Making Workshop

One to One Frontal Wig Making Class 

Full Frontal Wig Making One to One Class 

You will learn: 
Lace customization
- Bleaching and toning 
- Tinting for every skin tone
- Plucking for every hairline 

Wig Making
- How to measure every head correctly 
- How to sew properly 
- How to sew the frontal down correctly
- How to secure the wig

Applying the wig
- Different methods to apply the wig:

- Glue/ glueless/ sew-in 
- How to do baby hair 
- How to melt the lace to the skin

Styling the wig
- How to style the wig
- Straightening technique

-Hair movement & volumizing

-Cutting & layering