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Visual ACKNOWLEDGMENT Certification Course



Package 1.

(one VISUAL acknowledgment Certificate)

Dimension Hair Strand  Extensions System features:

     Learn about the Dimension Hair Strand extensions in detail. The Dimensional Hair extensions are easy to install. Installation is not the only knowledge needed to use the Dimension Strand machine correctly and securely. Our Dimension hair extension training provides you with the tools needed to confidently implement, maintain this exclusive strand by strand technique. Our number one concern is to enhance the understanding of the machine and your ability to fix any challenges that you may come encounter with.

      Such as: 

1. What to do if the machine completely jams while stuck to the clients hair.

2. Understanding where you went wrong when your client is losing strands everyday.

The 5 things your clients need to do everyday for proper maintenance.

What to do when they clearly didn't do these things 6 months after installing.

How to remove dreads if a client failed to do their maintenance and much more.

 We provide an easy to navigate, (private access to Tl'Zani Pro certified stylist only) wholesale Dimensional Hair Extensions ordering site.  Exclusively order your Dimensional retail products (Prep Cleanse, Shampoo, Conditioner, Balance Spray), Hair (3 different levels, unlimited color combinations), Tools (Dimensional Machine, Removal Tooll, detangling  tool, Color ring, Cartridges) and more

Our On-line curriculum covers critical knowledge including:

BecomHER 6D Hair Extension Training

Thank you for your interest in the BecomeHER Pro 6D Hair Extension Certification Program! The January class is sold out. The expected launch date of the next class will be no later than February 05, 2018. This training is exceptional!! We initially started with the 6D hair extension hands on training tour. Due to overwhelming world-wide response for the 6D training system, led us to create an online version of our training program.

To work with us, you must provide a picture of your cosmetology or beauty school credentials. 

Once verified and paid in full, your package will include:


  • One 6D install machine 

  • One 6D removal tool 

  • 6D Silver certificate of authorized use (Upon completion)

  • Private access to our 12A Euro standard 6D wholesale hair and products. 

  • A certified listing on our new BecomeHER consumer website 

  • Access to BecomeHER Pro Support and hundreds of continuous advanced cosmetology courses


The BecomeHER Pro first ever online Silver Certification training will launch no later than, February 05, 2018 at 12:00 PM. US Eastern Standard Time. 

This training will be delivered in the English language.  Your kit will be mailed from our Bengbu Anhui Province distribution center location once ordered. Due to overwhelming excitement and request for our BecomeHER 6D certification package, it may take between 24 to 48 processing hours before your product is shipped. You should receive your kit within 3 to 10 business days (depending on your location) once shipped. You will be emailed a tracking ID that will allow you to track your package. 

 You may order your kit in advance on our secure and encrypted website. Reserve your spot today and receive the BecomeHer Pro 6D training kit before launch date!

Discover your inner celebrity and Dare to becomeHER!

The BecomeHER ProTeam