Welcome to the Authorized Dimension Hair Strand                                     Extension Certification Site!


           Welcome to the authorized Advanced Hair Extension Training Site!

  Tl'Zanis' dimensional strand hair extensions are the latest and greatest in the hair extension industry today. This revolutionary, never seen before strand by strand technique is safe and undetectable. Tl'Zani has provided the tools that supports your needed to make your financial portfolio ground breaking! Clients can enjoy a Dimensional strand hair extension install in as little as 30 minutes! This method will allow you to perform 16 to 20 installs per day. 

  We have explored the 4 corners of the earth, seeking out the highest quality of human hair, ensuring clients the ultimate hair extension experience.

 Tl'Zani has invested over 25 years of experienced educational, hands on training and capital to help you as well as many, achieve success in the extension/ hair care industry. Our team is here to provide you with a well-executed hair extension business strategy. Call us directly at 1855-TLZANI-1 (859-2641)  or E-mail us at: booktlzani@gmail.com and a Tl'Zani representative will be delighted to contact you within 24 hours. This is a great opportunity and it’s been created just for you! 


Excellence has and always will be our mission. We provide a Superior Single drawn quality Dimensional hair strand, state of the art  Tl'Zani extension products and top of line medical grade tools to support you in your new Tl'Zani hair extension business. 

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