These techniques are known as one of the safest strand by strand techniques. This is the only technique you will find that utilizes: NO HEAVY TENSION, NO SEW, NO CLAMPS, NO GLUE, NO BONDING, NO ADHESIVE , NO BRAIDS, NO HEAVY TOOLS, NO SPECIAL HAIR ORDERING PROCESS, NO SPECIAL STYLING PRODUCTS OR SHAMPOO and is NON DAMAGING . These specific techniques are known in Europe and South America and slowly catching on in the U.S.

Here at Hairstring, we understand the importance of continuing education. It is important for a hairstylist or a cosmetology student to stay up to date with trends or new techniques. Ask yourself how many stylists in your salon or school can do the brazilian knots?. Would like to offer another technique no one else in your area does? why choose the brazilian knots over other extensions techniques out there? simple, you're not stuck with just one company, which forces you to use their hairline.With the Brazilian knots, You use hair you are comfortable with. You control the amount of hair you want to apply. you're learning a technique you're NOT buying into a company so when you're done the training you can use whatever products or hair you want. Most extensions company don't offer a variety of textures so you cant offer their technique to just anyone. with the brazilian knot, you will just have to find your own vendor for different textures and serve all of your clients. Hairstring will provide with vendors we are currently using and have used, so you will leave ready to work on clients.

 cost:$875 1 day training- $1,500 2days training (work on a live model on day 2) bring a friend for 1 day training at $660 each.

 when: Sundays-Tuesdays.

 time 6-8 hours

 lunch: included for trainee on day 1

 you bring: mannequin and tripod stand  -a model if you do 2 days option

 The rest is provided for you

 Location:6370 w. sunset blvd

             Suite 710, Hollywood, CA

We are a block from Hollywood Blvd so there's plenty of hotel and restaurants and entertainment



 Please schedule ahead of time to get the days you want. A deposit is required when booking the class!

Brazilian Knot Hair Extension Course Training

The Brazilian knot extension method is a strand by strand technique, the benefits from this method is no glue, braid or heat. The application is done with special elastic thread. Individual strands of hair are integrated into the natural hair. The application is small and discreet. This method can be used on all hair types and can last up to 6 months.

  • Consultation

  • Ordering of hair

  • Applications

  • Adding Color

  • Maintenance

  • Removal

  • Marketing

  • Pricing



Brazilian Knots vs. Italian Knots


Different methods of foundation parting


How to apply Knots utilizing 3 different methods


How to Maintain your clients Knots, Blend, Style, Color Matching, Texture Matching, Chemical processing


How to utilize and create customized Mix Techniques

  • correct positioning of the thread

  • correct positioning of the extension hair

  • correct angle to introduce the hair strands onto clients hair

  • the wrist action involved for continuous feed and no stops and starts

  • most importantly, how to properly feed the elastic thread to give your clients those very long lasting results!

  • learn how to safely remove the thread

Learn Brazilian knots:

  • Basic Brazilian knots: Medium, Small, SmallMedium, and The Kaale/ Metropolitan (smallest size)

  • Basic Brazilian knots technique for clients with normal density hair

  • Brazilian knots technique for clients with bald spots

  • Brazilian knots for clients with hairloss

  • Brazilian knots with closure

  • Brazilian knots with bangs