Learn the secret to Hollywood’s stars flawless look with this exclusive hair extension technique. Instructed by Tiffany W, Over 25-year multi-cultural hair extensions specialist.

The Tl'Zani Technique will increase your income and client demand because of its versatility:

  • Undetectable installation for all ethnicity & hair textures for a natural look that is virtually flat and seamless

  • Adds length and or fullness to clients’ hair with flexible placement. Ideal for clients’ who wear high ponytails, buns, and natural styles

  • Lasts up to 3 months with less irritation to the scalp – no more braids and nets!

  • Saves time on installation so you can see more clients and make more money.

Once you have registered you will receive a break down on the class structure.  

**This seminar is for  thoes who are serious about taking their business to the next level. 




Mannequin Head with Hair (Shoulder Length)
Small Mannequin Stand, Shears, & Comb


You will receive a 50/50 Tl'Zani 10 Technique Certificate~


Please wear stylist casual black attire.
No NeedCheck Your Email For Updates We Will Call You 1st.

Micro Bead Hair Extension Course

 Have you always had a passion for hair? Do you have high attention to detail? Are you a go-getter who is hard working and passionate? If so a career in hair extensions may be the solution for you!


Course Preview


Introduction to Hair Extensions

We are going to start at the very beginning. This module is going to walk you through all the basic knowledge needed when starting to offer hair extensions.
In this module we will cover:

  • The Hair Extension Industry

  • Hair Extension Uses

  • Hair Extension Types

  • Who is Suitable For Hair Extensions

  • Different Categories Of Extensions


Hair Extension Quality & Types

 One of the most important things to master is identifying hair quality and assessing hair types. This module will lay it all out for you in an easy to follow step by step guide

  • Human Hair Vs Synthetic Hair

  • Remy Hair Vs Non Remy Hair

  • Hair Grades

  • Hair Textures

  • How to identify high quality hair and where to get it


Hair Extension Colours & Tones

Learn how to properly colour match your clients hair and ways that extensions can be used for adding colour to a clients natural hair.

  • Hair Extension Colours

  • Getting the Perfect Match

  • Working with tones and levels

  • Using extensions to add colour


Working with Hair Extension Clients

  • Learn what to cover during a client consultation

  • Determine how to assess a clients hair and suggest the best option

  • The importance of client aftercare and maintenance

  • How to keep your customers satisfied and coming back

  • Determining how many extensions your client will need


Sectioning and Installation Techniques

  • Learn the proper installation patterns for short, medium, and long hair

  • The best ways to perfectly blend the extensions in with your clients hair

  • How to use extensions to add volume

  • How to use extensions to add length


How to Install Micro Bead Extensions

  • Learn how to install maintain and remove micro extensions

  • Advantages & disadvantages of micro  extensions

  • Common concerns and questions

  • How to avoid damage and keep your clients hair healthy


Client Case Studies- Before, During and After

We review some of the most common types of cuts and hair that you will see and cover the recommendation for each type.
Including the appropriate installation pattern, colour choices and cutting recommendation


How to Cut, Blend and Style Hair Extensions

  • Learn why cutting extensions and natural hair is different

  • Tips for cutting Extensions

  • How to trim, layer and blend extensions in with the clients natural hair


How to Start a Hair Extension Business

Learn the essentials to get you up and running in building your business empire.
We will cover:

  • Different business structures and determining the best option for you

  • Setting up your services & prices

  • Equipment, inventory, ordering hair and bulk discounts

  • How to determine prices

  • Naming & registering your business

  • Insurance & tracking

  • Payment & Policies


How to Market yourself & find loads of customers!

You will learn

  • How to determine your target client and service area

  • Offline and online marketing tips that can start getting you customers right away

  • Over 25 different marketing techniques targeted for the beauty industry

  • Setting up referral and joint venture programs

How Do I Get Started?


Course Details:
Our micro bead hair extension course is a 1 day training course with an instructor.
You will be required to provide a live model for the afternoon portion of the course. You will be installing a full head of extensions on your model under the guidance and supervision of your instructor.
Once a date has been chosen you are required to pay a $100 deposit to secure your spot. 

Course Cost:
Course Deposit $100
Remainder Due $750
Total Course Cost $850
An official tax receipt will be provided, price includes tax


This is one full day of training with an instructor.  After completion the client will receive certification in micro bead hair extensions by Hair Flair Extension Inc.  You will also be provided with additional practice hair and a mannequin that is yours to take home and continue to practice on. While starting out your business your instructor will be supporting you through email correspondence and if location allows you may be able to mentor under one of our instructors.



I have started my own part time business and it has allowed me to work around my university schedule. I love it and I am building my client base everyday. I learned so much from your course and just wanted to say a big thank you!

-Ashley S.


I already had my own eyelash extension business and adding hair extensions was the natural next step for me.  My business has doubled since offering both eyelash and hair extensions so I am so glad I took the course.

-Natasha P