THE     50/50     FURTHER     EDUCATION    ACADEMY  



             The Tl’Zani Artist Group provides a wide array of techniques to make your hair business journey easy.

Join us in person and network at our live events or  get connected with our Seminar Tube On Demand without leaving your salon or office. 


              Have you recently graduated from a cosmetology program, feel unprepared to start specializing in extensions, or need more hands on experience?

              Are you a stylist that is interested in learning NEW extension techniques to generate more income, or looking to establish YOUR name and discover industry secrets?


              (If you are a stylist, NEVER get comfortable with your craft, ALWAYS be eager to               more and see how others do it.)


              Are you interested in generating at LEAST               WEEKLY from running your own extensions business, but need to learn intensive techniques to get you started?


              (If you must know, the Hair Extension business is a multi-billion dollar industry and you can quit your full-time job to run a very profitable business)

              If you answered YES to any one of the above questions, then you should plan to attend my upcoming Extensions workshop. 


               Sign up for our many  Workshops and learn with Master Extensions Specialists from around the world. 


With Tl'Zani's 50/50                   , you will learn how to:

- Maximize your time.

- Cut cost and more than double your income.

- Guaranteed to make your investment back immediately.


Tl'Zani Workshops / Seminars  & Classes are divided into two parts:


         Pt. 1: Look & Learn


         Pt. 2: Hands On

And Much.....much more....... Can't wait to see you there!    





The Tl'Zani Team