Dates & Location Calender

Feb 8th-10th 2020 Miramar Fl

Feb 21th-23th 2020  Ft. Lauderdale FL

Feb 29th-2nd 2020 Miami FL

Mar 6th-8th 2020  Orlando FLMar

Mar 28th-30th 2020 Detroit MI

Apr  4th-6th 2020 Seacaucus NJ

Apr 17th-19th 2020 Orlando FL

Apr 25th-27th 2020 Tampa FL

May 2rd-4th 2020 Atlanta GA 

May 16th-18th 2020 TBA

May 20th-25th 2020 Myrtle Beach SC

May 30st-June 1st 2020 New York NY

June 6th-8th 2020 Jacksonville Fl

June 27th-29th 2020 St.Kitts & Nevas

July 11th-13th 2020 Richmond VA

July 18th-20th 2020 Jackson MS

July 25th-27th 2020 Charelston SC

Aug 1st-3rd 2020 Orlando Fl

Aug 8th-10th 2020 Jacksonville Fl

Aug 15th-17th 2020 Dallas TX

Sept 4th-6th 2020 New Kingston JA

Sept 12th-14th 2020 Raleigh NC

Sept 19th-21st 2020 Washington DC

Sept 26th-28th 2020 Chicago IL

Oct 3th-5th 2020 Birmingham AL

Oct 10th-12th 2020 San Antonio TX

Oct 16th-18th 2020 TBA

Oct 24th-26th 2020 New Orleans LA

Oct 31st-2nd 2020 Bronx NY

Nov 7th-9th 2020 Miami FL

Nov 14th-16th 2020  Dania Beach FL

Nov 21st-23rd 2020 Atlanta GA

Dec 5th-7th 2020 Las Vegas NV

Dec 12th-14th 2020 Shermen Oaks CA

Dec 19th-21st 2020 Jacksonville Fl

Dec 26th-27th 2020 Miramar FL

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